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India is home to a myriad of gender-based issues that negatively influence adolescents while growing up. With cases like forceful and early marriages, domestic violence, removal of autonomy, and a general lack of education, a lot of youngsters grow up with mental morbidity and trauma, which they further pass on to future generations and impede their growth.














Our approach  


Wulu focuses on a variety of factors that could contribute to a negative attitude or behaviour towards gender. With the provision of awareness and skills about the social evils surrounding us, we positively influence the mindsets of young teens that are impacted by these harmful societal norms. We mitigate the risk of gender bias by providing the teens with tools they could use to influence their attitude and walk on their actionable pathway to step away from distress caused by these problems.


The theory of change 


Wulu’s goal is to encourage change and establish a healthy mindset driven by attitude and behaviour change on an individual and community level. On an individual level, we equip the teens with knowledge and resources to unlearn these gender norms. On a community level, these teens deploy the same knowledge and share it with people in their lives, including their parents and teachers. Most importantly, they also learn how not to be negatively impacted by the gender bias around them.


The impact Wulu has


Wulu allows teens to be better educated about gender reforms and other important social issues. With more than a 95% satisfaction rate among our teens, Wulu has positively influenced the mindsets and behaviors of teenagers that start using it

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